Art of Living

Art of Living foundation has been doing really great things for humanity and for nature. Thank you Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). Intelligence and bliss, mind and soul, all in harmony makes up a beautiful world for all experiential beings. Experience causes a perception or vice-versa, life happens for a reason or for no reason!

Technicolor again

Its been a while, was caught up again with life’s little surprises, got to make bouncing back a habit. Duh! Well… talking about my latest crush ‘Expression Blend‘, I am so awed with the possibilities it presents. Just completed my first Silverlight prototype today. Boss is happy so am I. Back in my technicolor life digging onContinue reading “Technicolor again”

Back from Office museum!

‘Simply amazing’ is what happened… I did not understand anything at first except that it was about Microsoft Office, but its OMG!, only when I zoomed out did I understand a little of what Office is all about, and how it evolved. Does it require to be clever or is it just being simple straightforward? UserContinue reading “Back from Office museum!”