The Meadow Walk

On the walkway to cafeteria for lunch today, something touched me…it was a cool breeze. Yes, in the midst of a busy work day! I saw a butterfly, black-golden… flap its wings heading to small purple flowers that bloomed on the side of the walkway, bright sunny day.. how I imagined as if I were walking across a meadow with flowers blooming in the trenches! I even heard a bird singing amongst the trees…my senses as if were experiencing only what they wanted to experience regardless of the busy life all around. I could even smell the fragrance of flowers in the breeze, not just the purple ones! there were many, small bushes with bunch of yellow flowers, red-yellow flowers, pink and some of the trees also had flowers…
Thank you breeze, but who sent you?

Digital Literacy

I just loved this…


food for thought!
how do we touch lives through technology?
how do we preserve cultures in this fast-paced, high-tech world?
how do we draw that small curve (that sets everything straight) on someone’s face?

Digital Literacy is one of the many programs of Microsoft Unlimited Potential, I am so happy reading in Hindi after a long time, reminds me of school.

Back from Office museum!

‘Simply amazing’ is what happened… I did not understand anything at first except that it was about Microsoft Office, but its OMG!, only when I zoomed out did I understand a little of what Office is all about, and how it evolved. Does it require to be clever or is it just being simple straightforward? User Experience is my passion…’users are emotional about software’ I do not doubt a bit. ‘Human Interface design is one part art and one part science’…well said Jensen. Did someone just say ‘design’?

The Story of the Ribbon

And now what? Office 2010 is here!…

umm…yeah…I will have a few sleepless nights over this…


To be is to be perceived

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
my answer is ‘No’, it is the perception that brings matter and events into existence. You say it is there and it is there, you say it is not there and that is true again. There is no ‘truth’ to be proved as such. If you have more people sharing a perception that becomes a fact.

Today I spent some time reading this related article on Wikipedia, and it made quite a lot of sense to me.

Here is an interpretation from the article “The scientific answer, perhaps originally intended, is that no, the tree does not make a “sound”. It makes sound waves, that without an instrument such as an ear, do not convert to actual sound. The common sense answer, as the question has mostly come to rely on, is that yes, it obviously makes a sound since we know that a tree falling makes noise regardless of whether anyone is around or not. The metaphysical, and perhaps first roughly proposed, answer is that no, the tree does not make a sound if no one is there to witness it falling. And indeed the act of making a sound isn’t even a quandary, all that matters is that the tree in fact ceases to exist if no one is there to witness it.”

Some beautiful flowers that showed up at my balcony few days back, do they exist or is it just my eyes…

flowers in balcony

Why the world is the way it is?

These pathways/slices are separated by millons of years of human evolution, they deserve some attention… don’t they?
Okay, so here is the (s)tool ..
  1. Whoever best describes the problem…is the one most likely to solve it.
  2. We can’t solve a problem that overwhelms us. We need to break it down into bite-sized pieces.Pizza
  3. The more “human” your picture, the more human the response.
Thanks Dan for this wonderful presentation
That’s my lesson for today…

Rolling Stones

It’s been a long time I haven’t posted on my blog, was caught up with life’s little surprises..some good..some not so good…still am back.
Last few days, I and my close friend have been trying to see the oblivious in nature..the wind, the flowers, the fruits…how they exist and perish giving us clues in the most subtle form about what we humans think are life’s biggest  mysteries to be solved.
Okay, I admit…this is philosophy and I can be real bad at putting it down… so just a reflection:-
1. What is the meaning of life? What’s it all about? 
2. Why are we here? What are we here for?
3. What is the origin of life?
4. What is the nature of life? What is the nature of reality?
5. What is the purpose of life? What is one’s purpose in life?
6. What is the significance of life?
7. What is meaningful and valuable in life?
8. What is the value of life?
9. What is the reason to live? What are we living for?
and I end up convinced that – One should not seek to know and understand the meaning of life, the answer to the meaning of life is too profound to be known and understood (and you are right…there is no meaning to life that is why it is so speacial). You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. It is to forget about the search for the meaning of life.
And now I am a wiser being (I hope so) …back to my priorities at work and life.

My School Anthem

Sophia Anthem
The bells of dear Sophia at break of grey dawn,
From slumber deep wake us, ringing gaily on;
They herald a new day of duty and love
To praise our Great Father in Heaven above.
The bells of dear Sophia O hark; they are calling,
The loved ones, the loyal ones, Sophians, one and all
Come Seek Ye True Wisdom their echoes are pealing
Ring on, ring on, O Sophians hark to their sweet call.
The bells of dear SOPHIA sound their clarion call,
To Sophians when blazing the noon-day rays fall;
Life’s battle to face with courageous glad hearts,
And cherish the ideals which Sophia imparts.
The bells of dear Sophia at calm eventide,
Remind us of GOD, Who with us doth abide,
“O fear not, dear Sophians”, their echo new swells,
“GOD’s blessing is on you”, chime softly the bells.

Azure: What color you want?

Have you ever wondered as to why does the sky appear blue and not any other color on a sunny day? The sunlit sky appears blue because air scatters short-wavelength light more than longer wavelengths. Since blue light is at the short wavelength end of the visible spectrum, it is more strongly scattered in the atmosphere than long wavelength red light. The result is that the human eye perceives blue when looking toward parts of the sky other than the sun. Rayleigh Scattering gives the atmosphere its blue color.

cloud                          Reyleigh Scattering

Interesting… so what has the new Azure Services Platform to offer?

A pay-as-you-go model for business, an online delivery system for existing software, flexibility to developers and a new ray of hope for end-users.

How are these accomplished?

Easy developer on-ramp to the cloud, Enables Agile & Rapid Results, allows to Imagine and Create New User Experiences, Standards-Based Compatibility; all these resulting in simplified capacity planning & infrastructure management and a new life to existing investments.


What is your pick?