• Renormalization & deep learning protocol

    Read the complete article here (A common logic to seeing Cats and Cosmos)

  • Migration complete!

    Welcome to WordPress.com. Please view my new WordPress blog here and enjoy reading. All my previous posts were migrated from Microsoft Windows Live Spaces!  

  • Technicolor again

    Its been a while, was caught up again with life’s little surprises, got to make bouncing back a habit. Duh! Well… talking about my latest crush ‘Expression Blend‘, I am so awed with the possibilities it presents. Just completed my first Silverlight prototype today. Boss is happy so am I. Back in my technicolor life digging on…

  • The Meadow Walk

    On the walkway to cafeteria for lunch today, something touched me…it was a cool breeze. Yes, in the midst of a busy work day! I saw a butterfly, black-golden… flap its wings heading to small purple flowers that bloomed on the side of the walkway, bright sunny day.. how I imagined as if I were walking across…

  • Algocool!

      Isn’t that cool?

  • Digital Literacy

    I just loved this… food for thought! how do we touch lives through technology? how do we preserve cultures in this fast-paced, high-tech world? how do we draw that small curve (that sets everything straight) on someone’s face? Digital Literacy is one of the many programs of Microsoft Unlimited Potential, I am so happy reading…

  • Back from Office museum!

    ‘Simply amazing’ is what happened… I did not understand anything at first except that it was about Microsoft Office, but its OMG!, only when I zoomed out did I understand a little of what Office is all about, and how it evolved. Does it require to be clever or is it just being simple straightforward? User…

  • To be is to be perceived

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? my answer is ‘No’, it is the perception that brings matter and events into existence. You say it is there and it is there, you say it is not there and that is true again.…

  • Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

         YouTube – Om Tryambakam – The LIfe-Giving Prayer 

  • Why the world is the way it is?

    These pathways/slices are separated by millons of years of human evolution, they deserve some attention… don’t they? Okay, so here is the (s)tool .. Whoever best describes the problem…is the one most likely to solve it. We can’t solve a problem that overwhelms us. We need to break it down into bite-sized pieces. The more…