• Oomphing!

    Today’s lesson… Microformats are “Designed for humans first and machines second, they are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns” Microformats follow few basic principles Solve a […]

  • Marketing & Engineering ally

           http://images.video.msn.com/flash/soapbox1_1.swf Video: Amazingly Cool Ad  

  • Like love, great design requires no explanation

      For any software, design is crucial to its existence. In this changing era where we find more people tied to desktop computer screen & PDAs than in the park, its time to re-design the experience. The location of visual elements in the UI has a huge impact on how the user interprets information. The closer it […]

  • The 209 Becauses

    Back again, I just can’t budge… it all depends on how well we understand the requirements. Do not slip into an analysis paralysis mode but make sure you know what you are doing. Nick has provided an exhaustive list which I call ‘The 209 Becauses’. I still need to ram them down my concious, they […]

  • The Greater Sum… Let’s Talk!

    The value of the ‘Whole’ is greater than the value of parts put together! does that sound paradoxial? But yes, thats very true & logical. “When you combine the ever-growing power of devices and the increasing ubiquity of the Web, you come up with a sum that is greater than its parts”. When silos break […]

  • The world converged to expand!

    Windows Live! My world just expanded through one window, isn’t it amazing !!! no hustle-bustle, no keeping track of login-ids.  Clear>Consistent>Connected>Live>The future is here … that’s how I see it. Life without walls…only windows

  • I’m Initiative

      See the cause in action… Watch the video to check out how it works. I’m making a difference, are you?

  • Think Aloud Protocol

    Think Aloud Protocol (TAP) – Developed by Clayton Lewis, is a Software testing protocol where the user is allowed to talk or express his/her experience while performing a set of specified tasks. They are asked to say whatever they are looking at, thinking, doing, and feeling as they go about their task. Appears interesting to […]

  • Oslo again…

    Models! Models! Models! thats all what matters… I like working with models ( but Canis lupus familiaris  vision – only 2D 🙂 ) & diagrams partly because I have been good at drawing & painting during my school days and also because models make me think, be imaginative and be creative. Creative writing is possible but […]

  • Hello Calvin!

    I wish I could duplicate myself like calvin, I will be able to work on different technologies with different people all synced up and I could go to shopping too… and one of me left behind to attend my family, one for my friends! all said, here is today’s strip. from Calvin and Hobbes