• Hello Calvin!

    I wish I could duplicate myself like calvin, I will be able to work on different technologies with different people all synced up and I could go to shopping too… and one of me left behind to attend my family, one for my friends! all said, here is today’s strip. from Calvin and Hobbes

  • A Metaphor a day, keeps me on my toes

    Metaphors or visuals to describe the application is a very powerful technique to avoid catastrophes in software development life cycle. Use as many metaphors as possible so that everyone on the project is aware of the concept, the main intent, the ‘ask’. I myself have used images where I was not able to explain in […]

  • Trying to change something? Its fun, its a challenge.

    I face challenges at workplace trying to bring change, but I realized the trick is communication – communicate, communicate, communicate. If your idea for change is not feasible or just impossible, you’ll instantly know from your feedback mechanism. I get an idea and I feel as if sitting on a pin; they click, I yak […]

  • Serenity Prayer

    “Know what I pray for? The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can’t and the incapacity to tell the difference.” – Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes variation of the Serenity Prayer.  

  • Requirements are the Software

    What does it really take to convert requirements into working software? I think the trick is getting the requirements right; if you do not understand the requirements, no matter what skill/technology you master, your effort goes to trash. The best way is asking for clarifications and getting a clear picture of what the user or customer really wants the software […]

  • Live Framework

      Click here for enlarged image   Experience a new world of technology with Live Services  

  • Are you a Scrummer?

    Classic story of the pig and chicken More about scrum and a bunch of other scrum cartoons at www.implementingscrum.com

  • All about Design

      I happened to read following in a blog. The appearance of the device must provide the critical clues required for its proper operation – knowledge has to be both in the head and in the world. What makes design a highly challenging and rewarding discipline is that it grapples with the need  to accommodate apparently […]

  • Cloud Computing

      Microsoft announced its new platform that will transform the way applications are being developed and being deployed. The complexities are removed with no need to think about softwares and versions. Reliability and Security still continue to be major obstacles.  Cloud computing is Internet based computing i.e. development using the Inter-Net. The Infrastructure needs will […]