Cloud Computing


Microsoft announced its new platform that will transform the way applications are being developed and being deployed. The complexities are removed with no need to think about softwares and versions. Reliability and Security still continue to be major obstacles. 

Cloud computing is Internet based computing i.e. development using the Inter-Net. The Infrastructure needs will be provided in form of SaaS, with minimal dependency on large scale infrastucture deplyments for Software Projects. This platform being more efficient and optimized in all aspects will focus on delivering value early to customers. It doesn’t mean every product will see market growth or increased customer base as this trasnsformation will tend to eliminate those IT products that are non-standard heavy infrastructure investments, and will focus on the products that are of real business value. I hope developers will have a great time on this new technology.

Nikhil Kothari, under his weblog has provided good insight into Cloud Computing and Windows Azure


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