Requirements are the Software

What does it really take to convert requirements into working software? I think the trick is getting the requirements right; if you do not understand the requirements, no matter what skill/technology you master, your effort goes to trash. The best way is asking for clarifications and getting a clear picture of what the user or customer really wants the software to do!, do not say ‘yes/ok’ to everything without really understanding. Sometimes this can test your patience but you should at all costs know what the requirements are. The customer asks for apple and you give him oranges, do you still expect him to come back to you?
Always make sure you:-
  • Get the requirements right (not the right requirements!) thats called customer facing.
  • Design for ‘the given’ requirements. Create a Model.
  • Code for ‘the’ design.
  • Test the code ‘within the’ system.
  • And take responsibility for your code!
Remember that quality has to be caused not controlled!
Here are 3 golden questions in software development that should tinkle in our heads all the time, it does in my head for sure :-
  1. Why are we buiding this software?
  2. What should this software do?
  3. How do we develop it?

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