A Metaphor a day, keeps me on my toes

Metaphors or visuals to describe the application is a very powerful technique to avoid catastrophes in software development life cycle. Use as many metaphors as possible so that everyone on the project is aware of the concept, the main intent, the ‘ask’. I myself have used images where I was not able to explain in words or where there was less clarity on the requirement, so I drew it, and asked the customer “Is this what you are looking for? the answer was “yeah, but slight changes here and there”, and there you go. You now know the expectations and better clarity on requirements; you know the entities, rules, interactions, interfaces and flows. Probe the customer, and you’ll realize it was so easy and the soon you will be taking snaps smiling with your customer.
Its surpising to know how easy and efficient the process becomes when the intent is clear, so lets first figure out what is the ‘ask’, and provide a solution for that ‘ask’ and just not provide any solution that we know of.
I love metaphors
a==b==c implies a==c, though a bit of logic needs to be in there.

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