Like love, great design requires no explanation

For any software, design is crucial to its existence. In this changing era where we find more people tied to desktop computer screen & PDAs than in the park, its time to re-design the experience. The location of visual elements in the UI has a huge impact on how the user interprets information. The closer it is to the user’s thought process, the better experience the user will have. The interface should be intutive. It is always good to expose or display only what is required, and refrain from showing all of the software literature on the user interface. A good design communicates by itself. That’s how its related to human nature, it communicates.
Those who design software are people and those who use software are people; let’s explore the homosapien mind.
I don’t need to know the laws of thermodynamics to use a toaster, or do I?
So next time you design a software, swim in the homosapien mind for a while!

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