To be is to be perceived

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
my answer is ‘No’, it is the perception that brings matter and events into existence. You say it is there and it is there, you say it is not there and that is true again. There is no ‘truth’ to be proved as such. If you have more people sharing a perception that becomes a fact.

Today I spent some time reading this related article on Wikipedia, and it made quite a lot of sense to me.

Here is an interpretation from the article “The scientific answer, perhaps originally intended, is that no, the tree does not make a “sound”. It makes sound waves, that without an instrument such as an ear, do not convert to actual sound. The common sense answer, as the question has mostly come to rely on, is that yes, it obviously makes a sound since we know that a tree falling makes noise regardless of whether anyone is around or not. The metaphysical, and perhaps first roughly proposed, answer is that no, the tree does not make a sound if no one is there to witness it falling. And indeed the act of making a sound isn’t even a quandary, all that matters is that the tree in fact ceases to exist if no one is there to witness it.”

Some beautiful flowers that showed up at my balcony few days back, do they exist or is it just my eyes…

flowers in balcony

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