The Brain in your Gut

‘We are what we eat’ and ‘We are what we think’ – is more or less the same with this insight into how the gut is connected to your brain. These two faculties that otherwise thought to have different functions in one’s body are not really independent of each other.

It is thus very important to watch what we eat, as everything we eat in turn affects our emotions and moods. There is enough research done in this area and you can find a lot of articles and details around this connection. Here is one such nice article by Harvard Health Publishing.

The biochemical reactions within our body is a complex process and it is not practically possible to directly control or fine tune these reactions, but with some level of awareness and general understanding of the positive and negative consequences of what we do with the body, we can drive our mind and body to be unhealthy or healthy. The latter being a wise option of-course.

Practicing a few healthy habits will train the subconscious leading the body and mind to a healthier way of living.

The mind is in the body or body in the mind? This has more complex (but not complicated) perspective with the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions involved so not going deeper in that for now. 🙂

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