Journey from Data to Wisdom

It is interesting to see the voluminous data available everywhere, the world of devices and internet has made it very easy for a lot of people and organizations to access data in raw form, and with the advent of cloud computing the power of the internet as grown manyfold. However, it is important to note that we cannot take decisions based merely out of raw data; raw data can be overwhelming and contain outliers that interfere and pose risk with decision making; which is a compelling reason why data science must emerge as a stream much like other traditional areas of study.

Data must undergo processing and analytics to make sense and guide the decision making process; much like the traditional methods where human beings were dependent on ones memory and brain for computing and analytical powers; today, the same faculties are building systems capable of such complex computations and analytics outside the human brain and using external memory/storage systems. Nevertheless, such systems have enabled to improve human lives in unimaginable ways because now the decision making doesn’t rely solely on human brain/memory/analytics, and consists of systems which have been fed in expert knowledge over the years. And now we are at a point where there are self-learning systems – Yes, I’m talking about AI and Machine Learning.

AI and ML developers, must always remember to consider above framework to ensure we build systems that help humanity and all the living beings in the world at large. Data Science is powerful and can work wonders to how we shape the future of humanity.

That’s all for now… getting back to my Raspberry Pi 4 project setup!

And yeah, loving Python…

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