Is it Power struggle? I am not a Feminist

Women and role of women in society has been debated for generations now, ‘feminism’ should not have been a word at all if we humans lived an ideal life from the beginning. Both genders compliment each other, they cannot be called ‘equal’ as many claim, but the differences make the world a beautiful place; only if one tries to understand and look at it from a more ‘scientific’ and ‘spiritual’ perspective. ‘Social’ is biased already, given early evolution favored the muscle.

This is no ideology but there are enough examples of how women shaped the world of today. There have been numerous discoveries and inventions that were by women but credited to men because of ‘xyz’ reasons; like Dark Matter, Nuclear Physics, Algorithms, Genetics, Computer programming language, Electronic computers, Wireless communication, Monopoly, etc. This disparity exists even today as a curse of human history to the human society of today (be it the modern workplace or any other social set-up). But the more we speak about ‘equal rights’ the more we reinforce the disparity. Hence, not making this a long post and I am glad I came across this post today that inspired me to express my own views about the topic.

Thank you to all the wonderful women out there who believe in themselves and do not use ‘feminism’ to prove a point (they know they don’t need to 🙂 ).

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