Choosing a Networking Technology for IoT System

Here is a interesting comparison sheet that can help one choose the right technology based on the IoT system use case:

#TechnologyFrequencyData RateRangePower UsageCost
12G/3GCellular Bands10 MbpsSeveral Miles3-High 3-High 
2Bluetooth/BLE2.4 GHz1, 2, 3 Mbps~ 300 feet1-Low1-Low
3802.15.4Sub-GHz, 2.4 GHz40 – 250 Kbps> 100 square miles1-Low1-Low
4LoRaSub-GHz< 50 Kbps1-2 miles1-Low2-Medium
5LTE Cat 0/1Cellular Bands1-10 MbpsSeveral Miles2-Medium3-High 
6NB-IoTCellular Bands0.1-1 MbpsSeveral Miles2-Medium3-High 
7SigfoxSub-GHz< 1 KbpsSeveral Miles1-Low2-Medium
8WeightlessSub-GHz0.1-24 MbpsSeveral Miles1-Low1-Low
9Wi-FiSub-GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz0.1-54 Mbps< 300 feet2-Medium1-Low
10WirelessHART2.4 GHz250 Kbps~ 300 feet2-Medium2-Medium
11ZigBee2.4 GHz250 Kbps~ 300 feet1-Low2-Medium
12Z-WaveSub-GHz40 Kbps~ 100 feet1-Low2-Medium

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